What is MiniWebsvr:

MiniWebsvr is a tiny/small HTTP web server that aims to one day be embeddable.
Small footprint and light on resources is a major requirement.

Pie in the sky aim of the project:

The aim of this project is firstly:
  • To create a small fully functional web-server
And secondly:
  • Create a embeddable web server library you can link into your application.
  • Provide mechanisms to serve pages easily.
  • The idea is NOT to have the applets plug-in to the server, but the server to plug-in to the base application.
Part of this project is a set of small helper libraries that make using/managing the web server easier:
  • Templating system, for easy creation of non-structured data like HTML pages
  • Small XML parser/generator to read/serve configuration or SOAP-like functionality
  • Any other utility that would make it much easier to use.